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Welcome to F45 Wandsworth, the home of revolutionary group training designed to innovate, motivate and ultimately produce results.

With over 1,000 franchises across the globe, the F45 8-week challenge is truly a worldwide phenomenon.

It’s completely free to sign up to the challenge and taking part will give you access to the F45 challenge app which will act as your personal nutrition portal.

By accessing your account on the app or online you’ll be able to track daily goals, gain nutrition advice from industry leading athletes and nutritionist, receive daily meal plans and plan shopping lists!


The F45 8-week challenge is an extremely effective way of challenging yourself to lose weight and build muscle. The interactive and informative elements of the resources surrounding the training create a huge amount of motivation which eventually translates to excellent results.

Join today to take part in the next worldwide challenge that starts on the 23rd of April!




Our full monthly membership (£195) allows you to take unlimited classes OR renew weekly for £49.

When a member, It's completely free to sign up to the challenge, so what have you got to lose?


"The best high intensity team training in the world"

- Men's Health



Our class timetable is designed for busy people. Join us:


05.45, 06.35, 07.25, 09.15, 12.30, 18.30, 19.20


05.45, 06.35, 07.25, 0915, 12.30, 18.00


08.00, 09.15, 10.30, 11.35


10.00, 11.00

Next challenge start date

 The 23rd of April.

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